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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Real Holiday Guides?

Real Holiday Guides is based in Manchester, England. The reports have been written and compiled from an unbiased journalistic viewpoint, overseen by the editor who has written travel guides for tourist industry brochures in addition to his work for radio, TV and a University lecturer.

Do I get a discount if I want to advertise on more than one page?

Yes. We offer genuine discounts for clients wishing to place advertisements on more than one page. Because we are constantly updating our pages and adding extra coverage please email for our current rates. One great advantage is that if like many of our clients you place your advertising on all of Real Holiday Guides' pages you don't pay any more whenever we expand our resort guides.

What if I want to advertise but haven't got a website for you to link to?

If your company is not web-based we can still provide you with an 'online' promotion. We will create a full page advertisement for your services to include photographs, company logos and contact details, etc.

I would prefer to use sponsored text links for my promotion on Real Holiday Guides. Is this possible.

Sponsored text links are another great way to promote services online. Ask Our current rates with discounts if you want the promotion to run across more than one page.

How does Real Holiday Guides rank among other websites?

"Number One"

Real Holiday Guides is the envy of the internet because we rank FIRST in all the top search engines including;,,,,,, and many more.

Just enter the phrase 'holiday guides' into any of the above and see why we're NUMBER ONE..

One of the main reasons we're so popular is because we are continually updating our news and resort guides encouraging people to keep coming back.

More than ninety thousand visitors click onto Real Holiday Guides every month and that figure is growing. See our ranking on the world's most popular search engine, Google. Type in holiday guides and we come out NUMBER ONE.

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